Other Words


She was ditzy in that way he was learning
the really smart girls could be,
as if thoughts and notions were knocking
the pictures off the walls of her mind
in an internal tussle.
But how smart was he,
here on the toilet lid with a beer bottle
between his legs and an ice cube
pressed against his ear lobe
as she […]



Now is not the time for squirming,

unless of course some angry guy on TV

says we should squirm if we really love America.


Now is not the time to duck,

unless of course some drive-time radio

panic artist tells us to get under the table.



The Search

Every day at noon
the search would
stop and the trio
of Labrador retrievers
would perk up as
the Frisbee emerged.
After a long morning
sniffing a mountain
of South Florida garbage
for a body at the dump
the […]


That’s What You Get

That’s what you get if you win a round the Samoan said after my right cross glanced off his cheek and his response shifted my nose from the center of my face to somewhere near my right ear.



Second Grade Sin

It took about a week for the Polish nun who ruled supreme over my 2nd grade class to notice I had stopped praying aloud like my classmates who dutifully repeated the Our Father and Hail Mary spelled out on the chalk board.